Apnapan Written Update

Apnapan Sony TV Cast

  • Rajshree Thakur as Pallavi
  • Shraddha Tripathi
  • Gautam Ahuja as Gagan
  • Cezanne Khan as Nikhil
  • Mridula Oberoi
    Apnapan Sony Tv Drama Serial
    Apnapan Sony Tv Drama Serial

    The episode starts with vishal seeking to run away. Pallavi’s kids forestall him. Vishal says she forgot her reputation. Nick beats him more. Every person asks him to conquer vishal greater. Nick says next time, in case you attempt to hassle pallavi or my children, i’m capable of kill you. Vishal says i used to be doing all of your paintings. Nick asks what, did you do that due to me, pallavi is my ex wife, did you believe you studied i’m able to accept as real with some thing, i realize her nicely, she will in no way do such a element, i will insult you in the front of anyone, you’re a huge liar, all of us have to understand. Vishal apologizes. Nick asks him to apologize to pallavi. Vishal apologizes to her.

  • She slaps him. Nick says if pallavi loves a person, then its her lifestyles, it doesn’t suggest that someone stains her individual, i additionally have daughters, i’m able to not tolerate this. Every body claps for nick. The children love nick. Pallavi smiles. Nani blesses nick and hugs. Nandita says excessive depth drama. Harsh says we aren’t here to damage her recognition. She says how does it depend, really rush it up a piece. He nods. Pallavi goes. Waiter says sir, you’re in reality our hero.
  • Nani and nick have a drink. Pallavi thinks sorry, i misunderstood you nikhil. Lalita goes to her and jokes. Nandita says actual drama will start now, pallavi. A person comes to meet pallavi. He says i m advise vikrant. She says your spouse had given me the first order. He says positive, there was a great deal family drama, i’ve artwork, you don’t realise i m a huge legal professional in meerut. She says sure, i never needed a prison professional. He says you can want it now for gagan and badal’s custody.
  • Nandita says you may get the papers quick, they every are underaged, nick desires his children to live with him, court docket docket doesn’t get hold of casual talks. He says you already took nick’s kids with you. Nandita says harsh and manna, nick supported you, do you watched the whole lot had been given first rate, no, please, don’t be wrong, nick is an intensive gentleman, he might have carried out this for a few other female additionally. He says court docket will decide it now. Pallavi says they’re my youngsters, there won’t be any case. She is going. Nandita says case has all started. Pallavi seems for a few papers.
  • She says they are my youngsters, he can’t take them. Nani says nick will by no means take the kids, don’t worry. Pallavi says i m getting punished, i m not a brilliant mum, we don’t have any time, we must rush. Nani asks her to prevent it. She cries. She pacifies pallavi. Pallavi says i received’t allow my braveness wreck. She is going. Nani gets the documents. She unearths it empty. Gagan and badal reward nick. Harsh says bollywood hangover, losers. Manna asks do you want espresso. Harsh says sure. Gagan and badal imitate harsh. Pallavi comes downstairs. Badal, barkha and gagan hug her. Gagan says you made one mistake, you didn’t inform us approximately vishal, we’d have beaten him. Harsh says you cope with yourself, dad has dealt with the state of affairs.
  • Manna defends the circle of relatives. He says you’re announcing proper. Pallavi says its ok. Barkha asks about ranveer’s thought. Nani says no, its not a lie. Pallavi says its complicated. Nani asks her to offer them the best news. She says ranveer desires to marry pallavi. Manna says this means that it come to be right, i should have died. Pallavi asks why are you crying. Manna says i m silly, i expected a regular circle of relatives. Pallavi says i m no longer marrying each person. She hugs manna.
  • She says my circle of relatives is my lifestyles, you all are with me, that’s my global. She hugs every person. She calls harsh. Nani says we’re capable of take a %. She clicks a percentage. Barkha says i’m able to upload this. Harsh goes. Nani says the assets report has nothing, how, who can take the papers. Pallavi says i’m able to locate it. She smiles seeing the p. C and says this is my lifestyles, i m greater cussed than my lifestyles, i can do a little thing to hold the ones smiles. She remembers nick and cries.
  • Pallavi thank you ranveer. He says i understand your solution, i m no longer organized for heartbreak, i m generally your outstanding friend, your guide system. She says i recognise, come, thank you for bringing the cake. She takes the cake. She says i can awaken all of us, its going to be 12 now. Manna sees ranveer and receives angry. Gagan thinks what’s ranveer doing right right here. Nick thinks i will’t tolerate if anyone sees you.