Kundali Bhagya Cast & Character


Swati Kapoor (Mahira Khanna)
Sanjay Gagnani (Prithvi Malhotra)
Jasjeet Babbar (Janki)
Twinkle R Vashisht (Kritika Malhotra)
Supriya Shukla (Sarla Arora)
Madhu Raja (Daljeet Arora)
Neelam Mehra (Bani Luthra)
Naveen Saini (Mahesh Luthra)
Anisha Hinduja (Rakhi Luthra)

Kundali Bhagya Zee Tv Drama Serial
Kundali Bhagya Zee Tv Drama Serial

Arjun questions what kind of a brother is he as he tried to kill him simply due to the reality he desired to marry his brothers spouse, he exclaims he doesnot care some issue happens in his existence because it is probably due to his personal motives arjun sitting at the table calls vishnu to show on the video as he wants to see it stay, he hides at the back of the tree at the same time as the man or woman begins using the truck, rishab is status in the middle of the street and the motive force starts off evolved transferring in the direction of him, arjun is constantly searching at the video, he’s at a loss for words seeing rishab status inside the middle of the road so rushes to the window earlier than coming lower back, the truck hits rishab who falls on the car, arjun isn’t able to endure it so rushes out calling the name of rishab.

Rishab after hitting the car falls onto the street, blood begins flowing from his head and a crowd gathers round him, arjun speeding to him requests him to open his eyes, he scolds the humans why are they status thinking about they’ve to call an ambulance, he exclaims his brother could die so even calls anjali, the people help him while he sits in the vehicle requesting him to open his eyes, he exclaims that he can’t do it to him as this could not arise, he is continuously inquiring for rishab to open his eyes and he may even scold him, anjali questions why is he speakme like this due to the fact he favored to kill rishab, arjun questions if she has gotten mad as he’s his brother and he handiest knowledgeable vishnu to scare him and ensure he simply gets a scratch.

He remembers how he instructed vishnu to make sure now not anything takes place to rishab and he genuinely receives scared, vishnu responded that h has in no way taken this form of pastime even as arjun replies he is giving him and could pay the remainder after the paintings ise finished. Rakhi status in the hall unexpectedly feels taken aback while preeta rushes to assist her or even dadi stumbles, she explains that rakhi isn’t feeling nicely. Preeta offers to name the physician whilst rakhi replies she have to truely call rishab considering that she is in reality involved however then after some time shristhi and preeta each accumulate a text, she is taken aback so rushes into the room, dadi questions shristhi what has happened but she doesnot tell anything to them every.

Arjun sitting in the vehicle asks the using pressure to be rapid, anjali replies she feels something is incorrect since the motors have additionally stopped, arjun on foot earlier requests them to clean the path as his brother is injured, they inform him that there has also been an twist of fate in order that they had been compelled to attend, arjun rushes lower back to the auto and alternatives rishab on his shoulder whilst going for walks within the rain, anjali tries to stop him and exclaims that h surely loves his brother and so how is he going to take his revenge from them.

Preeta walking into the corridor activates the records whilst she is able to find out that rishab has met an twist of fate and they’ll be going to reveal the statistics, she rushes back to inform them when mahesh additionally runs revealing the data, rakhi is bowled over at the same time as preeta asks her to go back. Arjun dashing to the sanatorium calls the health practitioner to carry the stretcher, he asks the nurse to name the physician however she asks him to first fill the form, arjuna asks if she has gotten mad and he can fill the paperwork later, arjun begins calling the health practitioner who arrives, the nurse explains she has been requesting him to fill the form, arjun in anger exclaims what’s she speaking about as he said that he goes to fill the form, he can do any formality which they want however for now they must begin the remedy, he even threatens to find out numerous loopholes in their contracts which may also reason them to demolish this sanatorium after which she will be capable of perform a little aspect she seems like with this form, the physician asks him to relax considering the truth that they’ll be going to start the treatment.

Rishab is taken into the operation theater whilst arjun popularity inside the corridor finds the watch on the floor which he gifted to rishab after wining the suit, he isn’t constantly capable of bear it and so kneels outside the door crying his coronary coronary heart out, he is simplest thinking about the moments spent with rishab when he gets the decision from vishnu,he informs the paintings has been completed so w wherein can they come to accumulate the cash, arjun asks them to come back returned to the town medical institution. Sameer is also caught in website online traffic even as he wonders what has took place so comes to a decision to tell preeta, he calls her advising she have to take some extraordinary route considering the fact that there is a lot of website online traffic on direction thirty-3, she replies they’re additionally caught in site visitors whilst he assures of coming. Shristhi also comes to the car whilst mahesh asks what came about, she replies the traffic is definitely blocked and he or she or he doesnot understand how they might be capable of get out of it.

Vishnu along along with his guys has reached the health facility when they each are greatly surprised to appearance arjun taking walks towards them, vishnu explains that he looks as if a hero whilst he says that arjun looks like a angry young guy