Pandya Store Star Plus

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Pandya Store Star Plus Drama Serial
Pandya Store Star Plus Drama Serial

Shiva saying we had been given krish lower back. Dev says krish had finished all the marriage preparations. Gautam says kirti asked krish to emerge as independent. Dhara scolds krish for walking away. Raavi says you didn’t inform me something, i ought to have given you a higher advice. Suman slaps krish and scolds him. She says i will throw you out of the residence, circulate and earn coins, you could understand the reality. She takes him. Dhara says he received’t do that subsequent time.

Suman asks her to get apart. Dhara says you could beat me, if you make him leave then i’m able to also go away the house. Suman asks how a super deal will you smash him. She says you have were given stolen cash from me, i’m able to take you to the jail. Shiva says no, it’s going to defame the own family. They all advise punishment for krish. Dhara says he won’t get any punishment, he will make an apology to each person. They ask krish to mention sorry.

Suman asks what took place, you may’t make an apology. She asks wherein would possibly you hold her after the coins ended, you may have ruined her life, did you earn money which you went to marry. Krish cries. She says you gained’t go to university now. She asks gautam to make krish sit at the store. Dhara says don’t prevent his research, please, supply him a threat. Rishita says he’s so stubborn, he isn’t even pronouncing sorry, he has no attention, suman is proper.

Raavi says we can discover a few halfway, his research shouldn’t forestall. Krish shouts sufficient, you all are considering yourself, you don’t realize my mental kingdom, i loved krish. He goes. Suman stops dhara. Dhara says he didn’t do right by using the use of stealing cash, he’s disappointed, he honestly loved kirti, he needs me, allow me pass. Kirti talks to her buddy approximately her singapore experience. She says dad is sending me right right here for purchasing, how candy is that, no anxiety of exams, it will likely be a laugh. Krish remembers kirti’s phrases. Suman say to gautam a lock for safe. Gautam says we will preserve the money within the bank.

She says simply do as i say, no man or woman will input my room now. Rishita says offer a punishment to krish and produce him to the route. Suman scolds her and goes. Dev asks rishita to forestall it. Shiva says to gautam to shop for locks for suman. Dhara entails krish. She scolds him. He says sorry, i made a mistake, i have stolen the cash, you just flow, else you will get insulted. He shouts on her. Raavi comes to buy the greens. She goes stay and shows the natural veggies.

Krish says i’ve stolen the rings you bought for raavi, and gave it to kirti, i had beer also, i will’t tolerate even as my buddies used to make amusing of my poverty, i didn’t complain till kirti came in my life, i really cherished her, not for her coins, but she never loved me, i’ve completed a lot for her madly. Dhara cries. He says i’ve not anything left with me now. She leaves. He shuts the door. Gautam says we’ve many locks at home, however mum wishes two new locks. Dhara comes and says i m wondering in which did we skip wrong. Gautam says we gave him anything he requested, rishita isn’t wrong, stop being emotional, explain him to observe nicely and be successful, then we can see what to do. She cries.

She says this time, i received’t cowl anything from you, you don’t forget the jewelry i bought for raavi, krish had stolen it and gave it to kirti, i requested him if he took the coins from my box, he didn’t remorse telling his mistakes, i didn’t experience that he has a guilt, he changed into announcing he will go to the prison, didn’t i provide right values to krish. Gautam says no, you didn’t train him to scouse borrow. Gautam says krish didn’t see them operating, its our love or our mistake. She asks will he get on route. He says i’m hoping so.
shiva scolds raavi. He says mum and dhara were given defamed, is our love so reasonably-priced, why are you doing this, inform me